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DHRUWADEEPTI: Religion // Chavara -A Multidimentional Saint // Devotion to Mary // Dr. Thomas Kadankavil C M I

Chavara -A Multidimentional Saint // 

-Devotion to Mary // 

Dr. Thomas Kadankavil C M I-

 Dr. Thomas Kadankavil C M I-

Mary immaculate was the object of special divotion of Chavara from the very begining of the Congregation. Even the congrgation itself was known in the early five ears as Servants of Mary Immaculate (S M I). With the affiliation of the congregation with Carmelite Discalced Order in 1860 the queen of Carmel became the centre of his Marian devotion. Mary for Chavara is the mirror of Jesus and so he approached Jesus presenting Mary in the background of all that had happened to him.

Let us see how he expressed his devotion to Mary in the meditation on the earthly moments of Jesus'life. We do have some Christian brethren amoung us who do not tolerate Catholics' devotion To Mary Mother of God. Chavara's prayer to Mary is not addressed to Mary, the mother of Jesus, but to Jesus himself. Mary stands here as a medium for him to pray and adore Jesus. The devotee is calling the attention of Jesus himself to his blessed mother. What he specially referred to in the prayer were "the eye that shed tears for you, "and " the heart that was pierced for our sake". It is this very same heart to which Jesus learned as babe, and the heart that fondled him in his death. Now the attention of the saint is turned to the "lips that kissed and wiped away the blood of your wound".Tears,lips and heart of Mary are the objects of meditation for reaching out to Jesus and so the prayer to Mary is clearly a christological meditation, a form of meditation which is central to his long penittential peom Atmanuthapam. The prayer clearly declares that Mary is the Most powerful midiatrix for us with Jesus. The prayer concludes with a humours reminder to Jesus expressing Chavara's confidence in the fruitfulness of his prayer . He concludes : " Till now I have never had to draw the net empty after casting it in the name of our Holy Mother.

Devotion to St. Joseph

In this prayer addressed to St.Joseph also Jesus himself is the centre figure remeinding his paternal care by which the young Jesus felt quite at home in this guardianship at Nazareth. Joseph is specially invoked for a happy death, for he himself was blessed with the presence of Jesus and Mary at his death.bed. Devotion to St. Joseph is a special devotion fostered by Carmelites, especially St. Theresa of Avila. She used to exhort her nuns to pray to St. Joseph for protection and guidanceas he gave it to Jesus in his years of youth. The Hebrew root from which the name Joseph derived originally meant to protect or make someone or something grow. In this sense each one of us has the duty to become ambassadors of wholesome growth. The Joseph of the old Testament, the youngest son of Jacob, became the protector and saviour of his father and his his elder brothers. A devote to St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, is invited to see himself as aperson who nuture all those who need help and protection in their life. 

St. Joseph was a man of dreams in the sense that he turned to the mysterious providence of God in his moments of agony. At the assuranceof the angel he not only accepted Mary but carried Jesus to Egypt and brought back to Nazrath so that Jesus may pass through all that the Israel had experienced in the past. The prospective names to christian the first monastery established at Mannanam on May 11, 1831 were St. John the Baptist, St.Dominic but due to the insistent plea of Fr. Thomas Porukara, the Ashram was founded in the name of St. Joseph. With out St. Joseph Holy family and all human families would become fatherless and thus in complete.  

Happiness :


There is some truith in the saying that a gloomy saint is a sorry saint. Happiness is the highest form of human satisfaction at the attainment of what one conciously pursued .We used to speak of sreyas (all round prosperity) and preyas (worldly achievement) abd at the attainment of the former one feels happy and that of the later some of his natural cravings are fulfilled. To be happy in failures and defeat and at all other adverse situations one has to have faith in the divine providence. Chavara makes a contrast between God's will and one's own will. While the latter thinks only of one's own advantage, one who is sensitive to the will of God will look at "the world around you" to make it also happy.

According to Chavara an ordinary life ( neatness) fired with enthusiasm to fulfil the will of God (promptness), with a realistic understanding of oneself (humility) will bloom in divine happiness (charity), which is to be the hallmark of a religion. //-


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