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ധ്രുവദീപ്തി : Christianity // Chavara- A Multidimentional Saint // Commentary on his Testament:// Dr.Thomas Kadankavil CMI

ധ്രുവദീപ്തി :  Christianity // Chavara- A Multidimentional Saint //

Commentary on his Testament: 

Dr. Thomas Kadankavil.CMI

Need of Spiritual Exercises:

Had not the Lord in your heart silently admonished to Reform your life by daily Meditation, examination of conscience, Weekly confession and spiritual reading ? Did you not make a promisie to observe all these? For a time you did it, then took it the old ways. You preferred to listen to the voice of the world rather than the voice of God. If you continue this manner of blowing hot and Cold, as the scriture confirms, God will womit you out of his mouth(Vol.3.62). 

Prayer of the priest :

Almighty God, bless us who are called to serve in holy priesthood that we may serve you worthly and with great Devotion. Protect us from offending you even by the least sin. Give us the grace to be deeply sorry for our sins and to serve you with great fervour and Devotion everyday (Vol.3, 76).

Devotion to Mary: 

O my Jesus, turn your eyes to your most blessed Mother. Forgive us, we implore you in memory of the eyes that shed Tears for us , and the heart that was pierced for our sake. The heart to which you learned as babe and the heart that fondled you in deeath is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was her own lips that kissed and wiped away the blood of your wounds. It was the tear from those eyes that washed your blood-stained Body. My Jesus, bearing in mind those blessed eyes and tender heart and lips of your dear mother, be Kind to us. Till now I have never had to draw the net empty after casting it in the name of our Holy Mother.

Devotion to St. Joseph:

My dear brother, Devotion to St. Joseph is an efficatious means to cross the great sea of death. O St. Joseph, dear Father, your paternity fostered Young Jesus in such a way as he would feel quite at home in your guardianship and protection. O dear St.Joseph , I humbly place at your feet this supplication  thrusting that you, as my Father, will intercede for me before your Son and otain from him the grace that I may overcome my weaknesses and follies for good and thus Triumph over my spiritual adversaries ( Vol. 4, 157, 158, Vol,3. 30). 


 You could have found happiness everywhere if you had been seeking the will of God instead of desiring to satisfy your own will. If you observe charity, humility, neatness, and promptness in what concerns you, you as well as the world the world around you will be happy.(Vol. 4, 92). 

Co-operate with God's work: Our Task is to do the work and God will pay for it. For what is entrusted to us is the patrimony of Jesus Christ. So we are to work for him( Vol.4. 113).

Be a Lasting light:

The glowing light coming from a heap of straw in fire will soon be exinguesed; a Tiny light coming from a Lamp is much better and Lasting(Vol.4, 139).

Choose good Friends: 

Tell me who are your Friends and I will tell you, who you are. 

Away fom Alcohol: 

Consumption of alcoholic Drinks is something most odius before the world and very sinful before the Lord. (Vol.4. 141).

Avoid undue Wealth:

What you have achieved by crooked means or by theft will soon melt away like snow(Vol.4, 142).

Stinginess and extravangance :

Both stinginess and extravangance are equally sinful.(VOl.4, 142).

Be merciful with labours and the poor:

Never withhold just wage from labours or make undue delay in paying him, because that is an offence that cries out to God for justice. Do not Insult the poor ; neither should you vex them, because if God sees him weeping he will surely wreak vengeance on you ( Vol. 4.143, 144).

Remove the intellectual blindness by learning:

Just as without eye one cannot see the material Things of the world, so also without Knowledge it will be imposible for us to see or understand the reality of the world and the eternity of God. As those who have no eyes are called blind, so too those who have no learning are to be called 'Intellectually blind ' . Hence it is the resposibility of priest to teach the Faithfull and of parents to teach their Children(Vol, 4, 129).

Prority of Soul over Body:

If both Body and Soul are in danger, sacrifice the Body and save the Soul. The body will perish today or tomorrow, but the soul will live forever. All works done inthe world should be directed towards the benifit of the Soul.(Vol.4,155).

A good work a day:

The on which you have not done any good to your fellowmen will not be counted int he book of life (Vol. 4,142).

Help the Sick and Dying:

The greatest vitue a man have is the help given to a man at the Moment of his death. This is again the greatest act of charity. One cannot measure the greatness of such deed. Nursing of the sick may be most difficult, unplesant, detestable and degrading act before fellowmen, but it is the most meritorious Service before God. It is true that many Saints reached the height of sanctity by nursing the sick. I have my own fears About the houses where there are not sick members. The reason is that that the Absence of a suffering member in the house would not bring God's Blessing in its wake. When you become inactive due to sickness offer up to God very pulse beat of your veins, every winking of your eyes, every breath of yours and each little chirping of the birds, intent everything as your Prayer(Vol. 4. 154, 158, 159, 110.).

A Sweet Memory:

Please plant the sapling of this sweet mango wich I Name it as Dukaran (remebrance) in each of your monastery .This is to make you realize that myself and all men are week and faltering and don't have Long life even as these mango trees which gives sweet fruits (Vol.4. 70, 71).

Gift of Time :

My Hours of labour are nearing the end. There is not much time left. God the allmighty granted more time to me tan to my predecessors. It was granted to not so much only for me. I know, but also for the benifit of others. It is only that I realize fully that without making proper use of the Talent s given to me., I had buried them deep like idiot. My concience is accusing me now for the fault. Even now I am trying to lame excuse and false reasons for my failure. Let evry one be vigilent not to waste any time. Rember how precious the time is. ( Vol.4, 113).

Be more Fervent :

Again I pray to my brethren, pray for me. I took my vows in the congregation as the first member and was made the first Prior. But I have not fulfilled to my satisfaction my Obligation in observing the constitutions and enforcing the same. I did not give good examples. You must forgive me the scandal I have given you. Don't follow my bad example, but fulfill what is lacking in me. Pray that you may become more fervent(Vol. 4, 103).

Parting Words:

Why should you grieve after all? All men must die some time or other., who or whatever they be! My hour is come. By the grace of God, I constantly had the Vision of this hour before me and I was preparing for it. My parents  always kept me mindful of the Holly Family, which was ever my protection and in my imagination. As I had Always the protection of the Holy Family I can tell you with confidence that I have never lost the grace I received in baptism. I dedicated our little Congregation and each of you to the holy family. Always rely on Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Let the holy family reign in your hearts. Do not be worried or upset that I am dying. Joyfully submit yourselves to the will of God. God will provide you with a new Prior who will be a source of Blessing for the Congregation as well as for you. Hold fast to the constitutions, the rule of our superiors and that of the Church. Love our God Jesus Christ in the most blessed sacrament with all your heart. Draw the water of eternal life from the fountain as in the words of the Prophet Elijah. All the members of the congregation, especially superiors must be charitable to one another. You do so. God will be glorified through the congregation and it will flourish day after day. Your charity will bring salvation to Souls. (Chavara's own words as recorded by Louis Leonard CMI, Archives at Mannanam).//-
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